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Got Milk Germs?

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

[Reason.com] And the Award for Most Sanctimonious Non-Apology of the Week Goes To…

Rachel Maddow.

Last night, Maddow pulled some truly Rhodes Scholarship-worthy rhetorical gymnastics in both apologizing for and doubling down on her accusation that former Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) had some kind of prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Maddow conceded that she was guilty of a “misstatement” and an “editing error” in accusing the one-term U.S. congressman of being at least partly responsible for the deaths of 168 fellow human beings. But she then made light of her colossally offensive “misstatement” by arguing that her main contention still stands: The important thing, she claimed, isn’t that she said something mindbogglingly slanderous, it’s that she was justified in doing so.

The real vomit-all-over-your-keyboard moment comes at roughly the 2-minute mark, where Maddow sarcastically frames her apology as a chance to congratulate herself on bringing the specter of militant right-wing politics to the public’s attention. “For all the conservative bloggers out there who are extremely angry at me for making that mistake” she said, “thank you. Thank you for signaling such enthusiasm for discussing guys like Steve Stockman, and for getting all the details right. If the country talked a lot more about the Steve Stockmans of the world and anti-government extremism and what the experience of having anti-government extremists in Congress was like for this country the last time we tried it, I think that would be good for us in this country, particularly before this round of elections.”


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"You just cost yourself an ice cream! No ice cream for you! Come back, one year! Next!"

Calling ACLU, Amnesty International and Human Right Watch

[Daily Mail] Guantanamo Bay rations detainees’ ice cream portions

Detainees’ diets at Guantanamo Bay have been a controversial issue for some time and now the U.S. prison is said to be rationing ice cream

The frozen dessert is allegedly being tightly measured, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees.

Journalist for The Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg, photographed a refrigerator at Guantanamo, with two signs reading ‘DETAINEE FOOD ONLY’ and ‘Only 1 Ice Cream For each detainee!’

I want my, I want my, I want my HäagenDazs

Ice cream for nothing and the nuts for free.

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Yet another anti-Semitic leftist media hack hiding under the mask of political correctness. When the mask cracks, one sees what liberalism is all about.

And Fools the World It Does

Don’t expect any condemnation from the liberal, politically correct mainstream media. It’s against their narrative.

[Yid with Lid] Helen Thomas Says Jews Should Get the Hell Out of Palestine and Back To Germany-MUST SEE VIDEO

My friend, Rabbi David Nessenoff, an award winning film-maker, visited the White House for the Jewish Heritage Month Ceremonies. There he had the chance to meet Helen Thomas and asked her about the Middle East:

Go back to Germany and Poland?? Why Ms Thomas? You do remember the Holocaust right? Heck you are old enough to remember the crusades.

There are some people who believe that any criticism of Israel is Anti-Semitism. That belief is as ignorant as Anti-Semitism itself. There is however, a great deal of crossover between hatred of Israel and Hatred of the Jews. To find out what people really mean you need to examine the words they use.

Helen Thomas’ comparing of the IDF to Nazi Germany is nothing but an attempt to water-down the horror of the Holocaust, and to dehumanize Israel. And her advice to the Jews to get the hell out of Palestine, and go back to Poland and Germany is nothing short of anti-Semitism. If Thomas’ comments were directed toward any other group but the Jews, she would have been out of work a very long time ago. Maybe it’s time for Helen’s bosses to retire her to the “The Home For Old Crazy Anti-Semites.


10 to 1 she’ll stay in the White House Press Corps and 20 to 1 she becomes Obama’s favorite ‘journalist.’

Update 1: She retired, not fired. But still, I lost that one.

Update 2: Controversial comments made by the dean of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas, were “offensive,” but at the same time she had a remarkable career, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. [The Hill]

Still a fan, BO? (Of course the comments were “offensive”, he still wants the Joooos’ vote, doesn’t he?)

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Maher is a dumb racist. That's the surprise here?

Hoping for a Thug-in-Chief

Maher: Obama Not Acting Like A “Real Black” President HBO’s Bill

Maher: “I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That’s — (in black man voice) ‘we’ve got a motherfu**ing problem here?’ Shoot somebody in the foot.”

In his mind, a black person is a thug shooting people in the foot. Scratch a radical leftist and you get a racist. But don’t expect media to call him for it. He is a one of them.

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My vagina is a warmist.

Is Vagina Monologues Political?

Hot Air: Eve Ensler: Global warming’s real, Sarah Palin! Just look at the earthquakes and tsunamis!

ENSLER: Well, I just think the idea that she doesn’t believe in global warming is bizarre.
BEHAR: Every scientist at every note believes in it but Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in it.

ENSLER: And I think we just kind of have to walk around the world at this point and look at what is happening to nature and earthquakes and tsunamis.

She gave vaginas a bad name!

And I am an idiot

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Debtocrats: Surely drowning America in a way a "man-made" global warming can't.

Impressively Breaking Yet Another Record of Debt

Michelle Malkin: Debt deluge: Here comes the $1.6 trillion flood of red ink

Peter Orszag blogs this morning about the newly unveiled, $3.8 trillion White House budget: “The Budget lays out a plan to put the country back on a sustainable fiscal path.”

Via the House Republicans, this is what the Obama administration’s idea of a “sustainable fiscal path” looks like:


The WSJ breaks the debt deluge down further:

President Barack Obama will propose on Monday a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 that projects the deficit will shoot up to a record $1.6 trillion this year, but would push the red ink down to about $700 billion, or 4% of the gross domestic product, by 2013, according to congressional aides.

The U.S. won’t drown from the “man-made” global warming. It’ll drown from the red ink courtesy of Mr. Barack “Spending Freezer” Obama.

Hope and Change = Hoping for some spare change.

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Accepting New Members

Another Expired Statement

But this is one expired statement everyone but terrorist-loving radical lefties can be happy about.

WaPo: Justice task force recommends about 50 Guantanamo detainees be held indefinitely

A Justice Department-led task force has concluded that nearly 50 of the 196 detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should be held indefinitely without trial under the laws of war, according to Obama administration officials.

The task force’s findings represent the first time that the administration has clarified how many detainees it considers too dangerous to release but unprosecutable because officials fear trials could compromise intelligence-gathering and because detainees could challenge evidence obtained through coercion.

They just found out about the existence of these dangerous terrorists at Gitmo? Didn’ they say those people were innocent sheep herders caught by eviiiil Boooosh because he liked torture them so much?

Human rights advocates have bemoaned the administration’s failure to fulfill President Obama’s promise last January to close the Guantanamo Bay facility within a year as well as its reliance on indefinite detention, a mechanism devised during George W. Bush’s administration that they deem unconstitutional.

“There is no statutory regime in America that allows us to hold people without charge or trial indefinitely,” said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

See, what did I tell ya.

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Proud to Have Been Tea-Bagged

Washington Examiner: Sen. John Kerry: ‘Teabaggers’ are ‘revved up’
I’m amazed at how many Democratic politicians are using the word ‘teabag’ to fire up their constituents. Chuck Schumer proudly called Republican candidate Scott Brown a “far-right teabagger” earlier in the race, and now it appears Sen. Kerry is following suit.

“We also see how revved up the tea baggers are at the thought of hijacking health care reform and every chance we have at making progress in Washington.” warned Kerry this morning.

The vulgar term has become commonplace in the liberal blogosphere and television commentators, in spite of the raised eyebrows amongst conservatives. I think its odd, however, that ‘esteemed’ Northeastern senators are saying it with pride.

Because it was green tea flavored.

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Say Aahh, Katrina

NewsBusters.org: Tucker Carlson to Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Stop saying ‘Teabaggers’

An absolutely beautiful thing happened on Sunday: Tucker Carlson asked Katrina vanden Heuvel to stop saying “Teabaggers.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” the perilously liberal editor of the perilously liberal “The Nation” magazine seemed on a mission to say “Teabaggers” more in a twenty minute television segment than anybody not affiliated with the perilously liberal MSNBC.

Apparently getting offended by the term, the Daily Caller’s Carlson finally said, “Katrina, will you stop with the Teabaggers thing?”

She can’t stop because she is an expert at that.

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